The Alaska Boat & Kayak Center is located in Auke Bay harbor.  You can get to our shop by city bus (Auke Bay/Deharts stop on city bus schedule), taxi, or by our shuttle that leaves from downtown Juneau.  

We can fully outfit you so you can safely and comfortably enjoy the water and mountains of this beautiful wilderness.  Please stop by our storefront or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist!


 Sea Kayak Rentals from our Shop in Auke Bay 


Renting kayaks from the Alaska Boat & Kayak Center makes it easy to explore the different paddling areas around Juneau.  Choose your location and a kayak appropriate to your skill level and get ready to have fun!  Our staff will provide you with all of the necessary accessories and a thorough safety briefing.  They can also recommend areas to paddle and assist with securing kayaks onto your vehicle or help you launch a kayak in Auke Bay.



Half Day (less than 4 hours)

Full Day (4-8 hours)

5-9 Days

10 + Days

Single Kayaks



10% discount

20% discount

Double Kayaks



10% discount

20% discount

The Alaska Boat & Kayak Center carries high quality plastic kayaks. Kayak rentals include life jacket, paddle, spray skirt, paddle float and bilge pump for self-rescue, rubber boots, and paddling mitts.  If you would like to self-transport to another launch site, then we can also provide foam blocks and straps to secure kayaks on almost any vehicle. 

* Must be able to swim and participate in our self-rescue demo in order to rent kayaks.


Sea Kayak Rentals from Admiralty Island - Pack Creek

Above and Beyond Alaska has several kayaks that are stored near Pack Creek on Admiralty Island.  Rentals include an in-depth information packet, a single or double kayak, all the kayak accessories, and a safety kit that includes a marine radio, bear spray, and small first aid kit.  Rental packages are also available that include pre-arranged transportation.  Visit the Pack Creek Kayak Rental Packages page on the Above and Beyond Alaska website for more information.



Equipment Rental

The following items are available to rent. Please contact us for pricing details. Since we carry a limited number of each item, we recommend you book early.

Camping Gear

Cooking Gear

Kayak Gear





2-Burner & 1-Burner Stoves


Neoprene Boots


Kayak Straps


2 Person Tent


Folding Table


Neoprene Gloves


Marine Radio


3 Person Tent


Cookware Set


Rain Gear



6 Person Tent


Utensil Kit


Paddle Jacket


Kayak Carts


Tent & Toilet


Cleaning Kit


Rubber Boots


Deck Bags


Sleeping Bag




Life Jacket


Dry Bags


Sleeping Pad


Water Purifier


Spray Skirt


Bear Canisters


Sleeping Bag Liner





Bear Spray


Tarps & Rope



Paddle Float





Bilge Pump





Throw Bag





Paddle Mitts







Fishing Gear Rentals

Limited fishing equipment is availabe for rent. Gear includes cooler, cutting board, net, pole, extra downriggers balls and snaps. Client responsible for license and bait. License and bait available at Dehart's store, located up the street from the Alaska Boat & Kayak Center.

Rental Policies

  • Rentals must be paid for prior to departure
  • All participants must sign a waiver and our rental contract
  • All participants must be present for the safety briefing
  • Renters must pay for lost or damaged boats and equipment
  • Late boats may be charged $20 plus the appropriate half day or full day rate


Alaska Boat & Kayak Center provides well maintained and clean equipment for rent. We expect the renter to return the rented equipment in clean and good condition. Replacement costs will be charged to the renter if the item has to be replaced because of loss or irreparable damage to the rented equipment.  



Motorboat & Skiff Rentals

Panhandle Power Boats - (907) 209-6990 or visit their website at