Remote Cabin & Camping Sites


State & Forest Service Cabins sleep six and are located along remote coastlines often next to beautiful streams and/or lakes with scenic views of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Beds are typically wooden bunk style with mattresses or foam padding. You should bring a sleeping bag and pad, appropriate outerwear, safety equipment, and food and water for two additional days. Permits are issued to anyone 18 years or older and stays are limited to 7-days. A permit day begins at 12 noon and ends at 12 noon the following day.

Kayak Rentals  ♦  Trip Planning  ♦  Camping Gear


Use our high-speed water taxi to gain access to cabins and remote camping sites while easily carrying kayaks and gear for up to six passengers to your desired location. Not sure what to bring? No problem, we can do the trip planning for you. We provide expert knowledge and information regarding weather, tides, wilderness access, safety precautions, maps, and logistics. Rent kayaks and camping gear built for Southeast Alaska, and enjoy the solitude of self-adventure.


26 Foot Water Taxi Transport

  • Up to 6-Passengers & 700lbs of Gear
  • Tandem & Single Kayak Saddles
  • Heated Cabin & Head
  • Trip Planning Assistance & Van Transport


Tricks To Make Our Water Taxi Rates More Affordable

  • Get a group of 4 to 6 people to split the cost of the charter
  • Ask if you can combine with another scheduled trip

Water taxi rates are based on mileage - we charge by the boat charter, not per person. Please contact us for a quote and to check availability.


Alaska State Park Cabins

  • St. James Bay cabin
  • Lincoln Island cabin
  • Seymour Canal cabin
  • Shelter Island cabin 

Lighthouse Retreats

  • Sentinel Lighthouse
  • Point Retreat Lighthouse