Private Trips 

We specialize in arranging private, custom trips for individuals, couples, families or groups visiting Juneau by cruise, air or ferry. Custom trips may include active adventures or sightseeing activities around Juneau. Private trips are perfect for families with children. It is easier to plan an itinerary around the specific interests and abilities of you and your children when it's your own special trip. Private trips also allow you lots of flexibility.

Hiring a private guide allows you to receive maximum personal attention during your outing. Some of our clients hire private guides because they have special needs that only a personal guide could appropriately attend to. Other clients want to be assured that the guide will move at his or her pace, whether slow, medium or fast. Some simply prefer a one on one situation.

Whatever your interests and time constraints, we'll be happy to assist. From private glacier treks and ice climbing outings to private sea kayaking, whale watching and city sightseeing tours, we do it all! 

Contact us if you would like to request a quote on a private trip or need trip planning assistance.